Oct 30, 2014 - 11:00am

That idea you had about bringing your Google Glass to the movie theater to surreptitiously record Ben Affleck bare all in "Gone Girl"?

Two children were killed, another seriously injured after a truck hit them while walking to school. It happened this morning on Martin Street in Breaux Bridge.

In any other circumstance, it would be the furthest thing from a headline: Maine nurse leaves home on bike.

The thick, fiery stream of lava oozing over eastern Hawaii is about to cross Pahoa's main street and could soon envelop over a dozen homes.

 Ebola is here in the United States, and people in Louisiana are on high alert. So, some people are doing whatever it takes to avoid exposure to the Ebola virus.

Nick Brossette doesn't get caught up in the stats

"In five years, he has never asked me about them once. That tells you what kind of kid he is," University High assistant coach Burke Broussard said.

 In football, head to head contact is unavoidable sometimes. So as a result, concussions will happen. But this season, LSU has been working with i1Biometrics, A sports technology company that measures head impacts through a mouthpiece.

 A local woman fought through all the complications of cancer, and now she's cancer-free. Thursday, we caught up with her for her special day and got to see firsthand how she's ringing in remission.

After four months of helping the NOPD patrol the streets of the French Quarter, State Police are preparing to move out.

A redeployment extension for troopers ends this weekend.