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Greece,Thailand, Jerusalem

Around The World(FOX44) Greece- the unemployment rate in Greece topped 24 percent in June. The number of people out of work in June increased by 34 thousand to more than 1.2 million.

World Food Prices, Costa Rica Quake, US Aid Syria Refugees

Around The World( FOX44)  World Food prices- UN food agencies say world leaders must take swift action to ensure rising food prices don't mean catastrophe for tens of millions of people.

Serbia, Columbia, USA

Around The World (FOX44) Serbia- Firefighters are on the ground and in the air battling more than 200 wildfires that have broken out over the last 24 hours in Serbia.

Egypt, Germany, Nasa Rover

Around The World(FOX44) Egypt- Egypt wants 4.8 billion dollars from the international monetary fund to boost its battered economy.

Arctic Ocean, Iran, Spain

Around The World(FOX44)- Arctic Ocean- The Arctic Ocean ice cover has shrunk to its lowest level for mid August since record keeping began.

USA, Syria

Around The World (FOX44) USA- Missouri congressman Todd Akin apologized today for his comments that women's bodies are able to prevent pregnancies if they are victims of, quote, "a legitimate rape"

USA, Israel, Ecuador

Around The World(FOX44) USA- In the wake of the killing spree at an Aurora Colorado movie theater today police have been called in at theaters across the country after a threatening phone message was left on an answering machine at th


Around The World (FOX 44) USA- The drought of 2012 is officially the worst in half a century. While it's out in the farms and fields right now, the impact will hit the rest of us sooner than expected.

Australia, USA, Italy

Australia: An Australian news helicopter out on another assignment just happened to come across a fisherman bobbing in the ocean 30 miles from shore.

Iran, Syria, Spain

Iran: Officials in Iran say the two earthquakes and more than 36 aftershocks Saturday killed more than 300 people, injured more than 3000 and destroyed at least 20 villages.