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Is it possible to enjoy fine dining while flying?

More and more airlines are teaming up with world-class chefs, hoping to solve that ultimate #firstworldproblem: how to serve a top-rate meal in the air.

9 of the world's greatest tunnels

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the opening of the Channel Tunnel linking France with the United Kingdom, and the 50th anniversary of the deal which led to its creation.

Most of the world's best secret beaches are in the U.S.

To all the locals who have been hoarding the following beaches, please forgive us.

Will you be standing or sitting on future plane rides?

It's not some miserable dystopic movie scene about class polarization.

Rescued elephant cries tears of joy after 50 years of abuse in India

An elephant crying real tears is making people all over the world smile. The story of a chained elephant, crying as he was rescued, has gone viral.

Pope Francis apologizes for church's inaction on sex abuse

Catholic bishops "will be held accountable" for failing to protect children from sexual abuse, Pope Francis said Monday, his strongest acknowledgment yet of what abuse victims have been saying for decades: that the cover-ups have ofte

World Cup fans are renting friends as tourguides in Brazil

Hundreds of thousands of fans from across the globe are in Brazil for the World Cup and some are literally renting a friend to see the sights like a local.

VIRAL VIDEO: Japanese politician cries during news conference

If you've ever thought about going into politics, you might want to take a look at what it did to this man, in Japan. The video has gone viral, it’s all over YouTube and Twitter.

Rob Ford returns as mayor after rehab, will seek re-election

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford asked for forgiveness Monday, his first day back to work following a two-month leave of absence for substance abuse treatment.

Internet users outraged by Facebook's 'creepy' mood experiment

Everyone has a bad day on occasion. But what if Facebook made it worse -- on purpose, and without telling you?