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Afghanistan, United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Afghanistan, the prison with about 3000-inmates is close to Bagram Air Field, north of Kabul. The Afghans are demanding control of military jails before agreeing to long-term U.S.

Syria, Italy, China, New Zealand

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Syria, a large crowd of women showed lots of courage getting together to support the global campaign for women's rights.

Afghanistan, Egypt, Mexico, Jamaica, India

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Afghanistan, an avalanche has killed almost 50-people in a tiny village 200-hundred miles northeast of Kabul. Relief workers are on horses and donkeys struggling in deep snow to get there.

North Korea, Greece, France, Jamaica, Thailand

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – North Korea, a rare look at the country's military at work, live fire drills going on along the tense border with South Korea. And just a day before the U.S.

Russia, Iraq, Syria

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Russia, riot police detained more than 200-people during protests in Moscow Monday.

Afghanistan, Italy, Poland, England

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Afghanistan, the number of Americans killed in the fallout over the burning of Koran’s in Afghanistan has risen to six. Two more U.S.

Nigeria, Guatemala, China, France, New Zealand

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Nigeria, oil giant Chevron says the fire from an un-topped gas leak does not pose a threat to people living nearby, even though it’s been burning for weeks.

Syria, Chile, Colombia, The Indian Ocean, Australia

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Syria, more video emerged today that purportedly proves forces loyal to President Assad are not ready to back down.

The Indian Ocean, Spain, China, Greece, Russia

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – The Indian Ocean, the Costa Allegra is slowly making its way back to safety. It’s being towed by a fishing vessel to the nearby Seychelles Islands.

The Indian Ocean, Pakistan, Germany, Russia, Sweden

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – The Indian Ocean, a fire broke out in the generator room of the Costa Allegra today. There were no injuries among passengers or crew, but now the ship is powerless about 20-miles from the Seychelles Islands.