Around the World

Russia, Libya, Colombia, China

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Russia, a jet that was carrying the Lokomotiv hockey team and several former NHL people crashed. A total of 43-people were killed and 2-people survived. But we're told they're in critical condition.

Iran, Indonesia, Kenya, The Philippines, China, Austria

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Iran, the country's Air Force began 10-days of war games today. They're bombing targets from the air and on the ground.

Japan, Italy, Canada, Ukraine, Portugal

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Japan, a powerful typhoon slams into japan and over two dozen people are confirmed dead. The death toll is only expected to rise.

Russia, El Salvador, Chile, Australia, Germany

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) –Russia, over a hundred people were rushed to the hospital with bromine poisoning. An orange smoke cloud is the result of a toxic spill.

Libya, United Kingdom, China, France, United States

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Libya, months of garbage piled up on the streets because trash pickup was halted when rebel forces started their uprising. Right now a massive cleanup is underway.

Mexico, Canada, Chile, Libya

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Mexico, a famous volcano is blowing its top once again. Popocatepetl is spewing another impressive display of ash.

Uganda, India, Lithuania, United States, Argentina

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Uganda, landslides swallowed two villages. Right now, aid workers and villagers are digging through the mud searching for survivors. Fifty people dead and that number is expected to rise.

The Netherlands, Cuba, United Kingdom, Poland, New Zealand

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – The Netherlands, money, blew around in the wind on a major Dutch highway. People jumped out of their cars to scoop up as many bills as they could.

Australia, United States, Sweden, Hong Kong, Brazil

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Australia, a game of chicken nearly kills a teen as he sprints across the tracks as a train approaches. The train clips the boy and he barely makes it to the other side.

Kazakhstan, South Africa, Greece, United States, Austria

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Kazakhstan, flight controllers say they lost contact of that unmanned Russian rocket after it malfunctioned and 6-minutes later it crashed.