Can Social Media Replace Traditional Advertising?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 - 12:59pm

The size of a company usually doesn’t really matter as much as the methods that made them who they are.

Most companies attribute their growth to adopting new strategies that come with continuously improving technology. Separate from product development, one such strategy is the use of social media in advertising. A “wow factor” Phoenix advertising agency realizes how important incorporating social media is. When all the sweet spots hit at the same time, social media can work miracles toward improving return for clients.

One of the reasons why social media could totally replace traditional advertising is because of the cost cuts that come with its use. The online sites are free unless you want to pay for promotions. This translates to the fact that one can post as much content, photos and promotional materials as they want. You are limited to some specifications as far as the usages of the sites are concerned (contests and giveaways for example). Nothing is free with “old media.” TV and radio commercials always cost money. A good agency therefore tries to minimize costs for their clients as much as possible, something that Phoenix advertising agencies seem particularly adept at. (They must spend a lot of time inside when it gets hot.)

Unlike traditional methods whose advertisements are but for a moment, social media stays around forever. Whatever you put on the internet is bound to stay there. This is seen where users can access information that is ten years old through search engines.

This means that companies should focus on crafting relevant information beneficial to promoting their products and services. Social media allows for sharing and re-posting of content, which is where the lifeblood of the field flows. Taking advantage of this will enhance customer base, something not usually achievable using traditional methods where sales always seem to trump awareness, with several exceptions.

Social media services are not one phased, but rather two directional. The relationship between the business owners and customers is enhanced. This is a plus to the advertising agency since they are then in a position to link their clients to customers who can show them – in sometimes very clear terms – areas that need improvement. With traditional advertising, customers’ response was not valued and any feelings of dissatisfaction could never be known. This is probably the reason why some companies failed despite rampant promotional campaigns.

It is therefore true to conclude that social media could replace traditional advertising methods. And it already has to some degree. Most advertising companies have adopted changes that come with improved technology.


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