Roses Every Monday Gets the Week Started Off Right

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - 11:02am

In our busy lives, it is not always easy to find time for romance. That is where flowers come in – they are easy to buy and easy to send. And, most importantly, they are fabulous to receive. 

There are so many ways to tell someone that you love them with flowers. Consider the following:

Make it a Sweetheart Routine

Some might argue that routines are not sexy, but when flowers are involved that changes the equation. What woman or man does not love receiving a weekly gift of flowers?

So, how about sending roses from FTD or Proflowers to your honey on a designated day every week? Your boo will come to cherish that day she gets sweet-smelling bouquets. Or, start every night out with flowers and then head off on a different adventure. The routine can be something special just between the two of you that you both look forward to.

Court With a Chrysanthemum

If you have just started dating someone (fourth or fifth date) you are crazy about, let that person know you are into her and send flowers to her place of work. Chrysanthemums, a laid back flower coming in all colors of the rainbow, are a perfect pick, as are tulips. But if you feel more daring -- in that you want to show your adoration more fully -- roses from FTD work wonderfully. Consider, too, the Modern Embrace bouquet made up of pink roses and lilies from 1-800 Flowers. 

There is something very special about receiving flowers at work. It’s fun to show others that someone loves you – enough to send flowers for no other reason than wanting to make you feel great. Anyone who has received flowers at work from a new love interest also knows personally the thrill of coworkers noticing how much your boyfriend cares. If you send her flowers at work, it will, literally, make her day. 

For the Traveling Partner

If you have a partner who travels frequently on business, he or she is probably tired and missing home.
Consider sending flowers to their hotel to remind your loved one that you think of them, always.

You do not have to spend a fortune to send the message. Consider a bouquet under $35. Look for the Sunsplash Sweetness Asiatic Lily Bouquet or the never-go-wrong, Dozen Long-Stem Red Rose Bouquet.

If you want to spice things up even further, consider including a sexy note. Between the blooms and the naughty words, this gift is a perfect way to keep the romance going until the end-of-the-week reunion and the firecrackers really go off.

Cooling it down a few notches, flowers are not only for a romantic partner, they are often perfect for friends.

Show a Friend Your Appreciation

There does not have to be a sad occasion, like a death in the family, for you to show a friend that you are thinking of him or her. Consider sending your out-of-town friend flowers on her birthday or for another special occasion meaningful for the two of you.

Receiving flowers from a friend whom you do not see often is likely to trigger many happy memories of your years of friendship together. Call that person after the flowers are delivered and laugh and groan about funny moments you’ve shared. Catch up about the now, too.

Love Yourself

Are you finding yourself wishing somebody would send you flowers? Maybe you are between relationships or perhaps your partner does not believe in gifts. Take control of the situation, make yourself happy and get yourself some gorgeous blooms. By themselves, flowers are a beautiful thing, even without other meaning to enhance them.

There are so many ways to use flowers to enhance your life and your relationships. The next time you need a boost, pick up some roses. Things will brighten immediately.


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