When 'Busy' Works For A Website

Wednesday, December 26, 2012 - 11:30am

Once upon a time, competing in the e-business arena simply required a basic website with information about what products or services your company provided as well as how to contact your company for additional information or to submit an order.

That e-commerce arena has, however, become crowded with many more competitors, all of whom have websites that not only compete for your business but also compete for the attention of consumers in general. There is no shortage of information in the world.

By way of illustration, it is estimated that a daily newspaper in most major North American metropolitan areas contains more diverse information than that which someone living in the 1600s processed during an entire lifetime. Attracting visitors to your site and keeping them there once they arrive is critical to your business success, if not outright survival.

One of a Kind
In order to succeed online, your website must stand out. And in order to stand out, it should offer a creative, one of a kind presentation not only about what your company does but also why it does it better than any of your competitors. The web design should be consistent with your objectives and enhance your brand in the marketplace.

Most web design experts in Toronto and elsewhere recommend that a website should be clean and easy to navigate for maximum effectiveness. In other words, simple is often seen as being powerful. Often. But not always.

Interactive Equals Busy
There are circumstances that call for a "busy" website, one that encourages interaction rather than simply providing information.

If the product or service you're selling involves technology, for example, then a web design that is more sophisticated, yet still user-friendly, may better serve your needs. The most important function of any online presence is to generate traffic. You can only create traffic if the consumer knows your site exists and has reason to not only find it, but explore it and perhaps even return to it again and again.

Many people expect a website to be free from superfluous text and/or graphics and will click away from sites that aren't. However, your webpage doesn't have to be boring in order to be simple. It is possible for a web designer to create a site that is both informative and interactive.
For example, a musician may want a site that is visually arresting and includes sound clips as well as videos while also providing links to other sites where his or her music can be purchased.
A visual artist may want her home page to include a collage of her work that appears to jump off the screen.

A copywriter may want to link to samples of his work while showing a number of excerpts in a display that looks like overlapping pages. Busy? Perhaps. Good for business? Most definitely.

While a website may appear "busy", it can still be clean, attractive and easy to navigate. If it is, it will successfully perform its most important function: Turning visitors into customers.  


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