Get Ready for the Largest Production in Our City's History

Baton Rouge Lands Big Movie

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 - 2:21pm

IT'S THE BIG-BUDGET MOVIE LOCAL LEADERS SAY WILL PUT BATON ROUGE ON THE MAP. (Kip Holden/EBR Mayor-President) "mainly we've been dealing with either new orleans or shreveport, but now Baton Rouge takes center stage with a movie that will impact our economy." OFFICIALS SAY IT'S THE LARGEST PRODUCTION IN THE CITY'S HISTORY....BRINGING IN AN ESTIMATED 25-MILLION BUCKS. (amy mitchel-smith/baton rouge film commission) "we are now in a place where studio films are coming back here." THE SCI-FI MOVIE IS CALLED BATTLE: LOS ANGELES— WITH A-LIST ACTORS LIKE...AARON ECKHART AND MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ. "our enemies are aliens, they're here on earth because they want our water. that's the basic plot of it." JUST ONE EXAMPLE OF SEVERAL DOZEN FILM LOCATIONS ACROSS THE STATE — HELPING LOUISIANA LIVE UP TO ITS NICKNAME OF "HOLLYWOOD SOUTH." MOST RECENTLY—THE FILMING OF HBO'S SERIES "TRUE BLOOD," SHOT IN CLINTON. (adam knapp/br area chamber) "they are building the post production to set up an infrastructure long-term in our economy." IN BATON ROUGE—PRODUCERS ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF A DISCOUNT PROGRAM OFFERED BY THE CITY...HOPING LOCAL VENDORS WILL REAP THE BENEIFTS. (jeffery chernov/producer) "we tend to buy things in bulk so if you have a cycling store, chances are if you sign on to the program, we buy ten bikes, twenty bikes." SETTING THE STAGE FOR MORE BLOCKBUSTERS IN THE CITY'S FUTURE.