‘The Lorax’ movie preview

Thursday, March 1, 2012 - 9:45pm

HOLLYWOOD, CA (FOX44) – Another Dr. Seuss classic heads to the big screen with an all-star voice cast, this time telling the tale of "The Lorax".

The CGI animated feature follows a 12-year-old boy hoping to win the affection of his crush by finding a living tree. But, first he has to discover the story of the Lorax, a grumpy creature who protects the town.

Devito says: "I never thought I’d ever get a chance to be such an important character, the Lorax is so cool."

White says: "It celebrates nature, it celebrates all the environmental things that I believe in and love so much so it was delightful and with animation, you don't put your eyelashes on, you read your lines and I think the other word for it is stealing.”

Swift says: "One of my favorite things about this movie is it displays nature in a way that it's the most beautiful, when you look out and see this beautiful animation, you realize oh we have that."

For country superstar Taylor Swift, growing up reading Dr. Seuss books actually helped with her song writing.

Swift says: "It always starts by being inspired by something, but I think then when you have to carry it into a song and crafting it then you go back to what you were taught as a kid and what inspired you and a lot of the time if you read my lyrics they kind of bounce like a poem. "

And what better way to celebrate the late author's March 2nd birthday than with a friendly competition, who can recite "Green Eggs and Ham”.

Helms says: "Oh the places you will go, ah, green eggs and ham, would you like it in a box, would you like it on a fox, would you like it in some sox. "

Riggle says: "I will not eat them in a box or with a fox or in a car or in a train or in the rain."

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