‘Friends with Kids’ movie preview

Friday, March 9, 2012 - 9:35pm

HOLLYWOOD, CA (FOX44) – A few "Bridesmaids" cast members are at it again, this time starring in a romantic comedy called "Friends with Kids." The story centers on a close knit circle of friends, two of whom decide to have a kid as a platonic couple. Writer, director, and star Jennifer Westfeldt says the idea came from personal experiences.

Westfeldt says: "It's more sort of based on trends I was observing and interested in with so many people in my life became parents and I think everyone deals with it differently."

It took a while for the mostly childless cast to adapt to having kids on the set.

Scott says: "Whenever there were children on the set, we'd just all looked at each other and said let's just get out of here and we'd just all leave and let them do their scenes by themselves.”

Hamm says: "I love other people's kids, yeah me too, their awesome, especially when their like 3 to like 8, cause then their fun and can speak English, they speak English is that what you said, yeah words you can conversation with them it's not to say anything about my friends that don't speak English."

O’Dowd say: "People would say oh these kids were so cute and they were really just not nice kids, they were horrible, not just like horrible, they were terrible people."

And when we asked Kristen Wiig if she'd ever consider having a kid with a friend, there was only one man she would say yes to.

Wiig says: “What if it was like Bill Clinton are you seriously asking me, yes I would do it if it was Bill Clinton, yes, first of all you get secret service which would be awesome, yea you get so many perks.

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