100 reasons to 'like' Louisiana

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 - 4:47pm

One positive message about Louisiana for every day the oil has invaded its coast is the Office of Tourism’s new goal, and they need your help.

“After 100 days of battling the misperceptions prevailing across the country, we want to invite the community to join the conversation. We will use our online networks to reach out to the public and find first-hand accounts of what people enjoy about the great state of Louisiana,” said Jim Hutchinson the assistant secretary of the Louisiana Office of Tourism.

Tourism generates over eight billion dollars a year for the state, but fears and misconceptions have many people scratching the Sportsman’s Paradise off their vacation list.

The goal is to use social networking sites to combat those fears and create the list of reasons to visit.

The user-generated contributions will showcase the abundance of opportunities Louisiana offers visitors. From outstanding cuisine and world-renowned music, to beautiful outdoors and unique culture, the list will convey that Louisiana’s most attractive experiences are still available despite the oil spill.

Facebook users are asked to post the reasons they enjoy visiting Louisiana on the wall of the Louisiana Travel page. When a reason is posted to the wall, fellow Facebookers are encouraged to use the “like” feature to indicate the posts they particularly enjoy. (facebook.com/LouisianaTravel)

Twitter users are asked to tweet their reasons for visiting Louisiana at LouisianaTravel. If a follower of Louisiana Travel agrees with a reason, they are encouraged to retweet the reason. Users are also encouraged to hashtag their tweets with #LATOP100. (twitter.com/LouisianaTravel)

For more information visit www.louisianatravel.com.


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