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Accident victim says Interstate 12 dangerous

Speaks about her own accident on I-12

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 - 4:43pm

CENTRAL, La (NBC33) -- In November 2008, Tammie Buhler's life changed forever. "I'm a living miracle," she says. "I should be dead."

Buhler was sitting in traffic on Interstate 12. That's when an 18-wheeler came barreling over a hill at top speeds. The truck slammed in Buhler's car and pushed it underneath another tractor trailer. She was trapped for hours. "The paramedics weren't even going to help me because they thought whoever is in that car is dead," she says.

Buhler suffered severe injuries. "My neck was broken. I was basically scalped, and I lost my arm." Buhler spent three months in the hospital, and another year after that in therapy. Now, even the simplest tasks are difficult. "Holding a pot while you stir," she says. "I can't do that."

Her family credits themselves with getting the I-12 Widening Project started. After Buhler's accident, they were very vocal about making the roads safer, but Buhler wonders if the project will be enough. "Is it going to help?" she asks. "You never know."

She thinks drivers need to slow down and pay attention. "Other people are definitely going to die if nothing is done."

Buhler suggests adding more warning signs along the interstate to let drivers know way in advance when there's slower traffic or when the lanes shift. "Where it happened, it goes from three lanes to two lanes so quickly, 18-wheelers and stuff don't realize."

Until then, Buhler waits, hoping no one else has to go through an accident like hers. "God, I hope they make it like I did," she says. "But how many miracles in one place can happen?"


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