Addis gets traffic light

Wednesday, March 7, 2012 - 4:49pm

Addis, LA (FOX44) — "I lost them twelve years ago out there because they didn't have a light," says Addis resident Richard Ramagos.

Richard Ramagos is still trying to recvoer from a traffic accident that took the lives of both his parents. The D.O.T.D. spent $500,000 to install a traffic signal on the corner of LA-1 and Sugar Plantation Road in Addis. Ramagos says today's new addition is well worth the cost.

"I'm glad it's there. It's probably going to save some lives because my boy was involved in a wreck in December where three people wound up dying," says Ramagos.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the first time there was a fatal accident at the intersection. Les Miles' sister also lost her life there back in April.

This traffic signal here on the corner of LA-1 and Sugar Plantation Road is actually just temporary. Over the next two years D.O.T.D. is going to study whether it or something else is a better option for this dangerous intersection.

"The traffic signal is a temporary meausre until the j-turn project is complete and we acquire right of way and design for Frontage Road,: says D.O.T.D. representative Amber Leach

"J-Turn ain't worth nothing as far as I'm concerned," says Ramagos.

The change was made after D.O.T.D. met with people like Ramagos who live in Addis.

"We worked with local residents and local reps to come up with the best solution for the overall LA-1 corridor and also keeping in mind the safety of the residents in Sugar Mill," says Leach.

These same citizens though are totally against installing a j-turn, but D.OT.D. says the move is a safer option.

"Trucks and semis are able to manuever a j-turn. It's actually safter because they are in a dedicated turn lane and not crossing over several lanes of traffic," says Leach.

For at least the next two years though Ramagos and other Addis residents are assured that a traffic signal will be there.

"If that light can save one life it's worth it," says Ramagos.


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