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Friday, April 6, 2012 - 8:29pm

HOLLYWOOD, CA (FOX44) – From sex-crazed teens to grown-ups with responsibilities, the original cast of "American Pie" returns to the big screen. Stifler and crew are back for more laughs 10-years after graduating from high school.

It's the fourth theatrical release in the franchise and the first time in nearly a decade the original cast is back together for "American Reunion". This time, the group reunites for their 10-year high school reunion hoping to relive their glory days. For the film's stars, committing to another “American Pie” movie was an easy decision.

Thomas says: "No brainer, not because it was another American Pie, it was because it was a good script, it was a funny script."

Biggs says: "No brainer, once everything came together, you know? But as an idea, it’s like, ‘oh, this is a good idea’, but we need, uh, the right writer/directors. You need the cast to come back."

Klein says: "Come back for a reunion. Okay! I'm in!"

Suvari says: "I was curious to see where Heather was going to be in this point in her life. How they were going to get the whole cast back. But then, I honestly when I read the first draft I was really, really impressed."

Back in 1999, the cast was largely unknown but after "Pie" became a blockbuster, so did their careers.

Klein says: "To be a part of a movie that garnered such mass appeal. It opened the door for all of us to go on and have a career in Hollywood."

Biggs says: "For me it changed everything, you know, it changed everything. It was and still is defining for me. It's a big deal."

And as this sequel opens against "Titanic 3D", Eddie Kaye Thomas was inspired to sing his version of the famous theme song.

Thomas says: "(singing to titanic tune) Stifler's heart will go on and on. That's like Celine Dion, but better. Right?"

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