Animal rights groups concerned about mistreated cow, sheep

Tuesday, August 16, 2011 - 8:44pm

PORT ALLEN, La (NBC33) — A West Baton Rouge business is attracting attention from animal rights activists all over the country. The people who run Kissner's Feed Store are mistreating the animals on their property. However, the Kissners say their animals, a horse, a cow, several sheep, chickens, ducks and peacocks are well cared for.

Pam Leavy, with CAAWS, says she was shocked when she visited the store to take a look at the animals. "It's abuse and neglect to have them without water, sitting tethered in the sun, no shelter whatsoever," she says.

She says the animals need shelter from the Louisiana heat. "It's very frustrating to see these animals suffer."

Leavy isn't alone. She says animal rights organizations across the country have jumped on board with this battle. "If you cannot provide shelter for the animals then you should not have the animals," she says.

However, the Kissners tell a different story. They say they've received harrassing phone calls about their animals, and they aren't sure why. That's because they believe their animals are built to withstand extreme heat and they have as much water as they need.

Their customers can vouch for them.

"It's not like they're mistreated or not fed or watered," says Mitchell Moses, a regular customer. "I you know somebody who is raising up one kind of animal or another, that's how they are anywhere."

Instead, he says, the animal rights groups might be in the wrong. "They're probably got one or two dogs back at the house and they don't know much about having a bunch of animals at one time."

Leavy says she's done her research, and she won't back down without a fight. "I really don't understand," she says. "I don't understand people like this who refuse to provide the basic necessities for the welfare of their animals."

Leavy says this situation has been a problem for about a year now. She says the Kissners have been contacted several times by various animal organizations about the conditions on their property, but have not put up shelters.

You can see the video that Leavy shot while she was at the feed store at the beginning of August at


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