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Thursday, June 9, 2011 - 5:29pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Argentina, scientists are convinced the milk from a cow will soon replace regular infant formula. Two human genes have been introduced into the calf's genome. She hasn't begun producing milk yet but scientists say when she does the chemical makeup will be closer to human milk than cow’s milk.

Thailand – Soldiers have come across the wreckage of an American World War II fighter jet. It was found in a muddy field and officials believe it was shot down in 1945 when Japanese soldiers occupied Thailand. The aircraft is going to be put in a museum.

Russia – The South is under a locust attack. Millions of locusts are reproducing in ideal weather but that is bad news for farmers whose crops are getting ruined. Some 20-million people’s food security is being threatened.

Germany – Heidi, the cross-eyed possum has returns home. The animal reached superstardom after someone put a video of her on YouTube. She was even invited to the Academy Awards to predict the winners. She's been in Denmark where animal experts put her on a diet. They think bad eating habits may have contributed to her cross-eyed condition.

Poland – Animals here not only go on diets but get a whole workout routine. Forty percent of the country’s dog population is obese. The dogs do everything we do in these new gyms from running on treadmills to playing with exercise balls.

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