Around the World: Severe Weather Edition

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 - 8:27pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Arkansas, seven people are dead after the area was particularly hard hit overnight with either tornados or torrential rains and it continues today. Water was so high and powerful that it is sweeping cars and people away. Flash flooding is to blame for several deaths so far.

Missouri – Rising waters are forcing some residents to leave their homes. The levee that protects the town of Poplar Bluff has several cracks in it. "It’s very shocking. Just, it's sad, it's sad. Look at all these homes." Over a foot of rain has fallen since Friday and it isn't expected to stop for days.

Kentucky – People living below an earthen dam in Henry County have already left. There’s evidence the dam is eroding and might break.

Texas – Signs of recent hail-producing thunderstorms can still be seen in here. Several vehicles at an auto glass store have broken windows and hoods, from what witnesses described as baseball sized hail.

Tennessee – Mother Nature is showing no mercy here either. In Knoxville, the storms that pounded the area uprooted two large oak trees and pulled a few graves up with them.

North Carolina – Families are not only dealing with tornado damage but they also have to deal with looters. One guy says he's been sleeping in front of his home to keep them off his property. "It makes me feel like, you know, people will take advantage of you at your worst moment."

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