Attorney for bar fight victims weighs in on Tiger Turmoil case

Thursday, September 29, 2011 - 4:42pm

BATON ROUGE, La (FOX44) — Those on the other side of the Tiger Turmoil case are speaking out. The attorney for the four people injured in the Shady's bar fight responds to the grand jury's decision to drop the felony charges against two LSU football players.

"I do believe the evidence was there for a felony charge," says Michael Bienvenu. "The grand jury disagreed, but I respect that."

Bienvenu says he's not surprised that Jordan Jefferson's charges were not completely dropped. "There are several, several independent witnesses who were not involved in either side of this, who had come forward and said they had seen Mr. Jefferson kicking Mr. Lowrey when he was on the ground."

Jefferson's felony charge was lowered to simple battery, a misdemeanor. "It doesn't diminish the conduct that was involved," says Bienvenu. "The grand jury made their decision. It's time to move on from that."

Linebacker, Josh Johns, on the other hand, doesn't face any charges. "With respect to Mr. Johns, it just wasn't as solid, wasn't as concrete, so they came up with a no complete true bill for him."

The two players are back on the team. Bienvenu says he had no say in that call. "If Mr. Jefferson and Mr. Johns are able to practice, so be it. That's just part of the process. I don't begrudge that. My clients don't begrudge that."

Now, he's focusing on finding the people who may have beat up the rest of his clients. "There are several individuals who will be deposed that I suspect will end up giving us information that may shed a lot of light on who was involved in the beatings of the driver, his passenger, and the friend they were picking up that evening," Bienvenu explains.

Some of those witnesses may include the almost 20 LSU players who claimed they were there the night of the fight. "You now have 18 people that are there that night that may or may not have been involved," he says.

Bienvenu says he does plan to go forward with filing a civil lawsuit, once Jefferson's criminal proceedings are finished.


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