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Baker shooting leaves residents worried

Thursday, July 28, 2011 - 3:50pm

BAKER, La (NBC33) — Police are investigating the death of a man found early Thursday morning in Baker. They say 43-year-old Abelardo Pampo was found shot to death outside of the Baker Civic Club on North Magnolia Road. That was around 5 AM.

Now, residents living near the Civic Club are shaken up. They say crime just keeps getting worse in the area.

Faye Ensenat has lived in the same house for 30 years. She says, since she's been there, the area has gotten more dangerous.

"It's definitely not as safe [as it used to be,]" she says. "I would not walk after night."

When she learned that a body had been found right across the street from her house, she wasn't surprised. "I often see cars going back behind that Civic Club and I often call the police," she says. "I don't like people that close to my house just hanging out, particularly late at night."

Ensenat says she didn't see or hear anything late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning, but the news of the alleged murder has made her nervous.

"It doesn't make me feel safe for sure," she says. And after watching her neighborhood grow more dangerous for years, she wonders if it might be time for a change of her own.

"It almost makes me want to leave the neighborhood and move on to someplacewhere its safer."

Police are still investigating this shooting. If you have any information about the crime, call the Baker Police Department at (225) 775-6000.


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