Baton Rouge residents feeling pain at the pump

Gas prices up 13.3 cents per gallon since last week

Monday, March 7, 2011 - 2:02pm

BATON ROUGE, La (FOX44) If you're hoping that spike in gas prices will turn around soon, get ready for some bad news. The pinch at the pump has just begun.

For Neda Bates, the steadily climbing gas prices mean she has the change the way she lives. "I stay home now because of the gas prices," she says. "I don't go too many places."

It also means making choices. "$3.29. That's like a pack of meat to me."

In just one week, the cost of fuel has gone up more than 13 cents a gallon. "I think they are horrible. It's either gas or food. I can't buy both," says Freida Comager.

The average figure is $3.37. That's 75 cents more expensive than this time last year.

"I will utter an expletive when I see them go up, I have to buy gasoline to do what I need to do," says retired veteran Tim Sloan.

For drivers everywhere, the increase has become a pain in the pocket. Joel Renda took a vacation to Baton Rouge from Florida. It cost him $200 in gas to get here. "Nobody's doing pay raises these days," he says. "So you lose more and more of your paycheck every time something like this happens."

In the last month, the problem has gotten worse. The price to drive has jumped 41 cents a gallon since the beginning of February. It's the biggest increase in such a small timeframe since Hurricane Katrina. "That is just too much. Somebody's gotta do something to help us out," says Comager.

The problem is just beginning. Experts say those numbers will get worse before they get better. They don't expect to see a significant drop in gas prices until November of next year. "It just doesn't seem to stop," says Renda.

The reason, more competition for the supply of oil in the middle east. So, until those numbers level out, drivers, like Batse, will wait it out, allowing themselves to be a little pickier at the pumps. "I just drive around until I find the cheapest gas and that's where I go," says Bates.

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