Baton Rouge Residents race to get taxes filed

Tuesday, April 17, 2012 - 3:57pm

BATON ROUGE, LA, (FOX44) - It's the last day to file taxes and people in the Capitol City were racing to the post office to get theirs in.

The IRS says they're expecting tens of thousands of last minute filers all across the country.

Though about 90 percent of returns were filed electronically, the elderly and those who are among those who still mail it in.

"I am going to be last minute to get it done. I think this is a great thing for the post office to be open that late," said Tanya Williams, a Baton Rouge Resident.

"I think it's great, I think people in general, they want to hold onto their money as long as they possibly can without giving it over to the internal revenue service," said Chris Cramer, a Baton Rouge Resident.


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