Belle of Baton Rouge holds job fair for more than 50 positions

Tuesday, January 17, 2012 - 8:34pm

The Belle of Baton Rouge was hiring Monday and they needed to fill spots, a big event coming the capitol city will require the casino to employ more workers.

"We are having the bowling congress that'll be here for about five months, so we're really excited about that, we're staffing up, these are permanent positions,"said Belle HR Director Kenderlynn Christophe.

Christophe with the Belle of Baton Rouge says they're looking to hire local and there are fifty different job options available.

"People are actually coming here, seeking employment, they're very excited, this is a positive sign of growth for the economy."

With more options come more opportunity for those in the Baton Rouge area trying to get a job in today's tough economy.

"I saw server, cook, deck hands, and even security, I applied for a player development rep," said Applicant Monica Pinkney.

Pinkney's mother works for the belle, and monica says she wants to have a stable place to work like her mom.

"She's been here for a while, and she encouraged me to come down, so i really wanna try it out."

For other job seekers just having opporunties come to their hometown makes it easier to say in the job hunt.

"It definetly gives you that mentality of, I can get one, I can get an opportunity, I can get a job, it definitely opens up that light," said Applicant Timothy Pickett.

Pickett says, these events are great because you may not get exaclty what you want but it's getting your foot in the door that really matters.

"You know any opportunity can open up to another opportunity later on down the line."


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