'Bernie' movie preview

Thursday, May 10, 2012 - 7:49pm

HOLLYWOOD, CA (FOX44) – "Bernie" is a dark comedy based on the true story of a small town Texas mortician who hooks up with and eventually murders a wealthy older widow. The film stars Jack Black and Shirley MacLaine.

Black says: "I had never played anything like this before, this was an enigmatic character who was beloved by everyone he met yet he had this dark secret. And I really wanted to work with Shirley on it."

MacLaine says: "It was a social commentary when a certain aspect of a Texas town who don't want to believe in something they don't, even though he murdered me and admitted he murdered me, no he didn't they all said he was so adorable, he couldn't have done that. I love that examination of what people believe what they only want to believe."

As their relationship progresses, MacLaine's cranky character pushes Bernie to his breaking point. The stars talked about things that make them want to snap.

MacLaine says: "Journalists who ask questions but they give you a much longer preamble to what they want you to answer that you could ever give them in an answer."

Black says: "I'm a daydreamer and sometimes I go off into another world where I’d like to think I’m doing important work and someone will say something to me and I won't hear them and they'll go hello jack and put their hand in front of my eyes and snap me out of it and that makes me want to kill them."

And depending on how successful this movie is, the two are already making plans for their next project.

MacLaine and Black say: "I’d love to do another movie with Jack, me too, or perhaps a Broadway play, I’m going to say it now, if this movie is a hit, we have been talking about doing a limited run on Broadway of it but he's a wonderful musical performer, it's got to be a musical."

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