A better way to register for classes at Southern?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011 - 5:22pm

BATON ROUGE, La (FOX44) — Registration at Southern University has been a problem for students for a while.

Now, Southern University says their solution to the problem, Banner, will make everything from registering for classes to paying tuition much easier than in the past says Michelle Hill of the admissions department, "They can register for their classes, if they are receiving financial assistance, they can go online and pay either using a debit or credit card."

Some students, like Kedy Enabulele, don't think this system is an improvement at all, "At first it was hard for me to even get on banner because the process, I guess, for signing in was messing up with my social and stuff. The information wasn't right."

Michelle Hill says the system is a new one and everything is still being worked out, "We've had some problems that we've had to overcome which have forced people to have to come up and see some of our offices. This is just a phase and we do not expect these problems to be lingering.

They are frustrating some students though, 'I heard a lot of complaints about banner. They can't sign in, pin don't work. Nothing shows up."

Southern students say they're hoping these problems get fixed over time, so they can finally do everything online, with ease, says Enabulele, "I guess the more you use it, it will get better."


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