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'The Cabin in the Woods'

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - 8:54pm

New York, NY (FOX44) – A new horror film with a twist that can't be revealed until you're sitting in those theater seats "The Cabin in the Woods". Audiences who think they know the classic scary story of unsuspecting youths trapped in a cabin in the woods are in for a surprise when they get trapped in Joss Whedon's horror house.

Whedon says: "We want people to know that it's a really fun horror movie that has an actual story. The movie says up front that it's not just a cabin in the woods. But um, exactly why it's going on is something we'd like to keep to ourselves. "

Keeping things under wraps has been the M.O. from the start; just ask the film's stars who had to audition with fake scripts.

Whedon says: "We took the exact characters that they would be playing and put them in a movie where they'd have the same emotions and the same comedy and the same terror and the same actions sort of really see how they could do that but without actually giving away what the movie was about."

Whedon says: “I was very fond of the pterodactyl movie starring Kristin & Chris Hemsworth"

Whedon says: "Mine-I, I was zombie, military zombies."

As for what they think about shacking up in a remote cabin after working on this, actress Amy Acker isn't so sure.

Acker says: "I was fine with it until you asked that, and now I’m nervous about it."

See how you feel about spending time at "The Cabin in the Woods" when that door slams shut at a theater near you.

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