A California basketball team hosts "Charlie Sheen Night"

Monday, March 14, 2011 - 5:09pm

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) – A man is arrested in London after reportedly breaking into Madonna’s London home. Police describe the 29-year-old as a stalker, saying he is obsessed with the singer. Investigators say he got in by smashing a window. Authorities say Madonna’s bodyguards caught him and that Madonna wasn't home at the time but she was actually in the U.S. for her grandmother's funeral.

Reality TV star Richard Hatch is heading back to prison for 9 months. The judge denied Hatch's request to delay his surrender to authorities. In court documents, he said he needs time to put his ongoing projects in order. Hatch is going to jail for failing to pay taxes on the one million dollars he won on the first season of the CBS show "Survivor."

Warner Entertainment decides to stop showing Clint Eastwood's movie "Hereafter" in Japan. An official says the terrifying tsunami scenes in the movie are not appropriate at this time. "Hereafter" opened in Japan last month at about a hundred-eighty theaters. It was supposed to show through the month of March.

A hockey team in Bakersfield, California has resorted to "Charlie Sheen" to get more fans to the games. The Condors are hosting a “Charlie Sheen night”. Mos says, "got a nice bowling shirt, got the hat” Show up with a clean drug test and get in for free, buy one tiger's blood snowcone and get one free, and dress up like Charlie and get in for two and a half bucks. Mos says, "Winning! Just winning! Winning duh! Duh! Winning!" Approximately fifty-five-hundred people attended Saturday’s game. And in honor of Sheen's no rehearsal policy, the team reportedly didn't warm up before the game.

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