China, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom

Thursday, July 28, 2011 - 9:41pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – China, a rescue team speeding to a grounded Vietnamese coal-carrier off the southern coast. The Chinese coast guard crew saved 7-Vietnamese sailors and called for help to transfer oil, navigation equipment and other valuables from the boat.

Russia – Sweltering heat sweeps across the country, fanning fast-spreading forest fires. Officials say at least 25-people have been killed and thousands are homeless.

New Zealand – Two goldfish are now unofficially the hardiest survivors of the devastating earthquake in Christchurch last February. We're told these little guys spent 134-days trapped in their tank in the city's off-limits downtown.

Australia – A crocodile climbs out of a storm drain and wanders down a road. Some people unprepared for such a dangerous guest, they used large brooms to shoo it away. Eventually the professionals stepped in.

United Kingdom – Another animal story in the here, this one involves an eight week old kitten that's already been on the ride of her life. “It wasn't until the washing had finished that when he had opened the door then we discovered her clinging to a pair of jeans, obviously in not a very nice state." "Princess" was trapped inside a washing machine for an entire cycle and it was put on extra spin.

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