China, Serbia, Australia, The Philippines, Hungary

Monday, May 30, 2011 - 8:35pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – China, according to officials, 38-miners managed to escape after the mine flooded yesterday. Knocking sounds from pipes have been heard, which is a good sign that some of the miners may be alive. Rescue workers installed three pumps to drain out the water and they are also drilling holes in the tunnel in order to send in oxygen, water, and food to the trapped miners. China's mines are the deadliest in the world, due to lax safety standards and a high demand for coal.

Serbia – The so-called butcher of Bosnia, Ratko Mladic may be extradited within the next four days. He's wanted by the U.N. for war crimes tribunal at The Hague. A Serbian court ruled on Friday that Mladic is fit enough to face genocide charges. He was arrested last Thursday after 16-years on the run.

Australia – Check out this waterspout that appeared off the country's central coast. Winds inside the spout can reach speeds of up to 60-miles an hour and that is strong enough to pick up sea life and dump it on land.

The Philippines – Dead fish have been being pulled out of the water there. The tilapia and milkfish are believed to have been killed by a sudden drop of oxygen levels. The fishermen's haul are so bad that they have to cover their noses and the consumers are not buying local.

Hungary – A one legged climber has scaled the world's fourth highest mountain. Zsolt Eross lost his leg last year and he just conquered Mount Lhotse. His goal is to climb the world's 14-highest mountains. He's already scaled nine of them including Mount Everest back in 2002.

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