Citizens have mixed feelings about Jindal

Monday, January 9, 2012 - 6:12pm

BATON ROUGE,LA (FOX44) — Bobby Jindal was inaugurated today and is starting his second term as the head man in Louisiana. The 40-year old got two-thirds of the vote in the most recent election, showing that many in Louisiana feel he is the right man to move Louisiana forward. "This marvelous man, who's so energetic and enthusiastic and is really intelligent in the way he's handling things," says Louisiana resident Mary Bond.

Mary Bond voted for Jindal. Steven Pierre didn't. He voted for teacher Tara Hollis in the last election. He's disappointed by what he's seen out of the Republican governor during his first term in office. "What do you think of the job Jindal has done? Mediocre, mediocre. Why mediocre? I haven't seen any improvements over the past four years," says Pierre.

Whether you disagree with the governor's policies or whether you voted for him in the last election, both sides agree the focus of this administration, for this term, needs to be on education.

But when you ask whether you believe the governor can actually make the changes necessary to fix Louisiana's educational issues, opinions differ.

"I am optimistic. I tend to be optimistic because we have a good man," says Bond.

"No, I'm not that confident," says Pierre.


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