Cloud 9 now illegal in Louisiana

Thursday, January 6, 2011 - 2:22pm

MANDEVILLE, La (FOX44) – They’re called bath salts, but few are using it for that purpose. Instead, people have been sniffing the power substance to get high. Today, Gov. Jindal is putting a stop to the growing problem by making it illegal in the state of Louisiana.

A press conference was held just before noon in Mandeville to make the announcement that the Cloud 9 bath salts will be illegal to possess, manufacture or distribute in the state.

Several officials were there to weigh in on the decision and add information about the side effects they’ve seen from the use of this product.

“We are seeing an increased rate of psychotic symptoms in people after ingesting these drugs. The growing rate of calls to poison control and reports from law enforcement and psychiatric facilities is extraordinarily alarming and demands swift action,” Secretary Greenstein said. “Louisiana Poison Control Director Dr. Mark Ryan tells me that in 20 years with poison control, he’s never seen a phenomenon like the one Louisiana is experiencing today. On Christmas Day alone, he recorded nine calls. People just don’t understand the devastating effects these drugs are having. At least one psychiatric unit in the state is reporting to us that half of its patients in any given week in December were related to this drug.”

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