Coffee prices on the rise

Local coffee shops weigh in

Monday, December 6, 2010 - 6:21pm

BATON ROUGE, La (WVLA) -- The cost of coffee is higher than its been in 13 years and in Baton Rouge, java companies are feeling the heat.

Consultant George Guthrie says the price of coffee has gone up about 79 cents since last May. The hike is due in part to a mediocre crop of green coffee beans in Columbia. It's affecting coffee companies all over the country. At Community Coffee, prices have gone up an average of 15 cents. The company let all their customers know in a letter,

The price doesn't seem like much, but when you start to crunch the numbers, it adds up. An extra 15 cents five days a week for a year tacks another $39 onto your caffeine consumption. However, loyal customers say it'll take more than a few extra cents to end their cup a day habit. In fact, most customers are more concerned about keeping their java the best their buck can buy.

"A customer this morning pulled me to the side to let me know he appreciated the fact that we're sticking to our quality statement and that he didn't mind having the prices increase," says Celton Hayden, general manager of retail operations at Community Coffee.

Guthrie says prices won't be dropping any time soon. Instead, he thinks they'll continue to go up.


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