Could "Family Guy" be ending?

Thursday, October 13, 2011 - 4:38pm

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) – The creator of "Family Guy" is on the fence about keeping the show going. Seth Macfarlane telling "The Hollywood Reporter" that part of him thinks the show should have already ended. He goes on to say 7-seasons are a good lifespan for a TV series. "Family Guy" is now in its tenth.

– Hillary Swank is also saying sorry tonight for attending a very controversial birthday party. The two-time Oscar winner says she shouldn't have accepted an invite to a concert in Chechnya that was part of a birthday bash for the country's leader. He's accused of torture and other human rights violations. 37-year-old Swank says she had no idea this man is seen by many as a monster.

– Beyoncé is accused of stealing someone else's dance moves. A Belgian choreographer says a dance in the pop-stars new song "Countdown" is hers. The choreographer is looking into taking legal action now.

– Chris Tucker is having money trouble. His 6-million dollar Florida mansion is in foreclosure. Tucker bought the 10-thousand square foot waterfront home near Orlando in 2007. According to the “Orlando Sentinel”, he owes the bank more than 4-million dollars.

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