'Dark Shadows' movie preview

Thursday, May 10, 2012 - 5:10pm

HOLLYWOOD, CA (FOX44) – Reuniting with director Tim Burton for the 8th time, star Johnny Depp takes on Barnabas Collins in the big screen adaptation of the 1960's TV series "Dark Shadows". Playing an imprisoned vampire set free a few centuries later, the cursed blood sucker helps protect his dysfunctional descendants and restore his family’s name. Depp says this version has a unique feel.

Depp says: "It is ‘Dark Shadows’ but it is a very different angle from what the series was, it sort of takes what the series was and heightening the universe a little bit."

Depp says: "The idea of this very elegant man being cursed for 200-years and coming back to 1972 where maybe the worse time aesthetically in human existence."

‘Shadows’ is another colorful glimpse into Tim Burton's world filled with memorable characters.

Burton says: "I got some Ed Wood, I got some ‘Beetlejuice’, ‘Edward Scissorhand’, ‘Sweeney Todd’ unfortunately, there all in there somewhere. Best not to analyze it, that's the thing I never, really know, I had my years of psychotherapy and I decided to stop anymore, for me it's the whole point of doing it and seeing where something goes."

Michelle Pfeiffer says she started lobbying for this job before she had seen the script.

Pfeiffer: "I would do anything with Tim, in fact I shamelessly called him when I heard he was directing this, I don't even think there was a script."

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