Donaldsonville Residents fearful about recent burglaries

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 - 6:38pm

DONALDSONVILLE, LA (FOX44) -David Dubreuil and his wife have lived on McManor Circle for a long time.

"40 some years, 42 years," said Dubreuil.

But it was only until Monday night that they've ever felt unsafe.

"Somebody had come into our car, and we had a little Garmin GPS in there, they stole that, a few other little odds and ends."

They say the fact that they were home when this happened is the most frightening thing.

"Sort of a frightening thing to think of, we were in the house, the car port light was on, and they came on my property."

Ascension Parish Sheriff's Deputies say cars and houses have been broken into in the areas around Mc Manor Circle and especially Reynaud Drive.

Kenyetta Victor is one of those people, and she says she heard people outside her house early this morning.

"Around 2 am we thought it was the wind, that was coming around our home, but it wasn't, we could see footprints," said Victor.

She says would-be theives are getting into their neighborhood way too easy.

"A newly built home at the back of the subdivision, that recently has been built, and there's an opening, and we see a lot of people taking shortcuts, taking that way in and out of the neighborhood."

She says she has nothing but a warning to give those who want to try to steal from her.

"I’m asking whoever is doing this to please stop, we don't want anyone to get hurt, but at the same time we have to protect our homes and investments."


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