A Double Shooting in North Baton Rouge leaves two dead, and many asking questions

Tuesday, January 31, 2012 - 6:50pm

The East Baton Rouge Sheriffs Office say two people were shot and killed in the Glen Oaks subdivision around two o'clock Tuesday morning.

"I heard gunfire, which is nothing new in this neighborhood, sad but true," said an anonymous Glen Oaks resident.

People in the neighborhood say they're scared to walk the streets. One person I spoke with didn't even want their face on camera.

"It was like about ten minutes to two, you heard the gunfire, then about 20 minutes later you hear the sirens start rolling, the happenings have been in other parts of Glen Oaks, but not this area here."

But people living in Glen Oaks say their subdivision gets a bad rap because certain streets in the area have a high crime rate.

"It's bad, but certain people make it bad, like in certain areas," said Resident Airel Adams.

People say more sheriffs deputies on the streets would make it safe for everyone, and would curb crime.

"More Sheriffs I mean, Sheriffs can be everywhere, it depends on the people that you have in the neighborhood," said Adams.


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