EBR Schools Vaccinate more than 43,000 children

Thursday, October 13, 2011 - 5:36pm

BATON ROUGE, LA (FOX44) - Children all over East Baton Rouge Parish are getting vaccinations this flu season, and jasmine arita is one of over 43,000 students who are getting the vaccine from school based clinics, she says with the new nasal spray vaccine,is a breeze.
"'Cause at the doctor, I don't like to get the shots, I like to get it at school so I can get the mist instead of the shot." Jasmine Arita, 3rd Grader, Lasalle Elementary, said.
She's gotten a vaccine every year she's been at Lasalle Elementary, and she says there's no where else she'd want to get it.
"I knew that i should get it again, because i knew it would be safe."
School officials like EBR Superintendent John Dilworth say that kids have an easier time being good students when they're healthy.
"Over the last three to four years, I know this program started four years ago, I think there has to be some correlation in improving our test scores." - John Dilworth Superindendent of EBR Schools, said.
Dilworth says that getting students vaccinated now will help with kids grades stay on course as they prepare for state assessments.
"If our children are not ready by the end of February for the state assessments, and if they're not there healthy, then we're not gonna fare very well."
And Doctors such as Dr. Michael Bolton agree since children between 2 and 17 years of age are twice as likely to get the flu as adults.
"The whole idea is that kids 6 months and older can get the vaccine that way it helps protect individuals who cannot get a vaccine, especially those who are the youngest of the young, less than 6 months of age." Michael Bolton, Physician of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Our Lady of the Lake Hospital, said.
Bolton says everyone should get vaccinated, not just because to not get the flu, but to avoid the dangerous complications you can get along with the virus.
"Even healthy individuals can have complications from the flu."
"The vaccine goes a long way to help prevent many of those hospitalizations, and just a better all around quality of life for the kids and their families."


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