Educators fight teacher tenure bill

Thursday, March 15, 2012 - 5:51pm

BATON ROUGE,LA (FOX44) — "We have been so disrespected and in so many different ways," says Louisiana Association of Educators President Joyce Haynes.

Joyce Haynes is the president of the Louisiana Association of Educators. She voiced her displeasure about Senate Bill 603. If it becomes law, it would make it much more difficult for teachers to receive tenure.

"You're taking away my tenure that I've earned and all it gives me is the right to due process . No one can protect a teacher who has been proven incompetent," says Haynes.

The bill was authored by Republican Conrad Appel. It would take away tenure from teachers who rated in the bottom ten percent . Right now, teachers get tenure after being on the job for three years.

"We support the teacher quality measures in Senate bill 603, which will make effectiveness the leading factor in certification, staffing and compensation," says B.E.S.E. president Penny Dastugue.

Penny Dastugue is the president of the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. She was one of three B.E.S.E. board members to voice her support for the legislation. She believes it'll hold teachers accountable and therefore help improve the academic success of the students.

"It provides important information to support and improve performance of our teachers and as important it links student performance to personnel decisions," says Dastugue.

But Haynes believes all this bill would do is cause irreparable harm to education in the Bayou State.

"We're fighting for our profession. We're fighting for the students and we're fighting that you don't destroy public education," says Haynes

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