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Thursday, February 3, 2011 - 9:43pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Egypt, a van driven by what is believed to be an Egyptian security vehicle, speeds down a crowded street, crashing into people before driving off. Thousands of protesters are expected to return to the streets Friday in another mass demonstration demanding that President Mubarak leave office immediately.

Turkey – Two gas explosions kill at least ten people and caused a whole lot of damage. The blasts happened just hours apart. The toxic fumes are making the rescue effort difficult.

Australia – The country is cleaning up after the wrath of one of the most powerful storms it has ever seen but one woman will remember cyclone Yasi for a different reason. That's because she gave birth to a baby girl right when Yasi hit, a very natural birth in the most unnatural of circumstances.

One of Australia’s most powerful storms ever ripped through northern Queensland State on Wednesday. Cyclone Yasi pounded Queensland with heavy rain and winds of up to 170-miles-per-hour. Tidal surges sent waves crashing about two-blocks into coastal towns and more than 180-thousand homes were left without power.

Yasi made landfall as a category-five cyclone but weakened once over land. It was still a category one cyclone at 500-miles inland by late Thursday local time. Some of Australia’s worst flooding in decades swamped parts of Queensland last month, but the cyclone struck north of the flood-zone. The storm devastated several small towns and destroyed hundreds of millions of dollars of banana and sugarcane crops.

Japan – Three sumo wrestlers have admitted to cheating. They claim they fixed matches by allowing people to pay thousands of dollars to decide their outcomes, the scandal still under investigation.

Lithuania – A resort run entirely by blondes. Women with dark hair are not allowed to work at the hotel blonde or anywhere near it. As you can imagine, the resort has been heavily criticized.

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