Five arrested for smuggling drugs into Livingston prison

Thursday, January 12, 2012 - 7:13pm

LIVINGSTON PARISH, La (FOX44) — You've heard of people trying to break out of jail, but rarely do you hear about people trying to get in. Five people are locked up after allegedly sneaking onto the Livingston Parish Prison grounds to drop off drugs, cell phones, and tobacco for inmates.

Deputies say the five suspects cut a hole in the perimeter fence with bolt cutters. Then, they allegedly slipped inside and dropped off the goods. None of the stuff made it to the inmates.

It's a first for the prison, but by no fault of the deputies on duty. They are on a constant loop around the outside of the prison, making sure the perimeter is secure.

"It's always a deputy going through there, so it's going to be a period of time when there's no one standing back there," says Jason Ard with the Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office.

When one of the deputies noticed the large hole in the exterior chain link fence, the whole facility went on lockdown.

"In order to find this [the deputy] was doing his job. He knew something was wrong and he jumped on it," Ard says.

It became clear that none of the prisoners were trying to get out. Instead, someone had broken in.

"We have people quite often try things like this, but this is actually the first time I know of that people actually tried to cut a fence and get inside the prison area to try to get contraband in," he says.

A little detective work landed the alleged contraband culprits in their own jail cell.

"They would have been better off just going through the front door cause now they're in there with them," Ard says.

It was a job well done for deputies on duty, but officials say, they'd like to make sure this doesn't happen again.

"There are some measures that we feel like we can trake to make it a little more difficult if they try to break in in the future, but of course, it's a money thing."

Deputies are in talks with parish leaders to upgrade their security camera system and to add extra razor wire to their fences.

Deputies say they have not charged any inmates with the break in yet, but chances are they will. Anyone involved will face conspiracy charges.


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