Flash mob used to protest budget cuts

Students want to know where money is going

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 - 6:54pm

BATON ROUGE, La (WGMB) -- Students at LSU are not giving up the battle against the budget. Another protest against higher education cuts had students seeing green.

It's not every day you see mountains of money being tossed in the air, but Tuesday, LSU students let fly some serious green.

"For three minutes, everybody just came out here and threw some money around," says Jon Ceralu.

The funds were fake, but the message still came through loud and clear. The students tossed the 32,000 pieces of Louisiana-specific dollars up in the air, and then demanded to know where the money was going.

"You've got people running around in suits, taking the money and putting it in their pockets," says organizer Tiffani Crippin. "symbolizing maybe that's where the money is going since no one really knows."

The flash mob was meant to get students involved and asking questions, so the small group of organizers planned it for noon in the LSU quad. They handed the money out to students walking on their way to class and asked them to participate.

Even though the protest only lasted a few minutes, it made a pretty big impression. "Right now, there's a guy reading the money who wasn't even here [during the flash mob,]" says Crippin.

Students say they're passionate about the cause, but they need more people to get behind them. "I think eyes have definitely been opening throughout the course of the semester," says Crippin. "The more they see more students rise up and say, this is a problem, the more students will then join in and notice that it is a problem."

Students say they'll keep fighting for the future of higher education, so they won't be stuck cleaning up a broken system years later.


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