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Germany, Cayman Islands, China, Philippines, England

Monday, June 13, 2011 - 8:38pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Germany, where the fiery crash of a blimp over the weekend was caught on cam. It’s believed the engines caught fire as it was coming in to land in a field. The pilot held the blimp at 6-feet off the ground and yelled to his passengers to jump off. The pilot is being hailed a hero tonight.
He was killed in the crash.

Cayman Islands – A woman fresh off a 68-mile swim between two of the islands. Braving jellyfish, sharks, and strong currents, the 48-year-old completed her journey in just under 41-hours. She was so tired and dehydrated when she finally reached land that she had to go to the hospital. Her accomplishment is now the world record for the longest unassisted solo open water swim.

China –The world's longest high speed railway, its 819-miles long and connects Shanghai to Beijing. A train on these tracks goes an average of 186-miles per hour but can reach 217. The 34-billion dollar rail begins operating next month.

Philippines – Another record breaker here in the Philippines, the world's shortest man. He is 18-years-old and just 23-inches tall.

England – London held its first penny-farthing race in 100-years. The bikes are the ones with the huge front wheels. They were popular back in the 18-hudnreds. There were 32-cyclists who all said the race was far from a ride in the park.

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