Ghost Rider: Movie Preview

Wednesday, February 15, 2012 - 8:39pm

NEW YORK, NY (FOX44) – Nicolas cage returns to wreak havoc on those with evil in their eyes, going head to head with the devil in "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance".

The sequel to the 2007 movie is based on the popular comic book, following a stuntman who makes a deal with Satan and turns into a hell-blazing vigilante. Cage did double duty this time around.

Cage says: "They also let me play Ghost Rider, which was a totally unique experience which opened my imagination to all sorts of possibilities."

With a little help from special effects and lots of makeup, the star had fun on the set with his fellow actors.

Cage says: "I could see fear in the eyes of the people around me and that was like oxygen to a forest fire where I felt like I didn't have to act, I could just believe I was the spirit of vengeance."

Whitworth says: "It was a little eerie at first, to just have him walk around the set and be so stoic, and purposefully, like not dealing with other people. But he was there. You knew he was there."

The sequel introduces more figures from the marvel universe.

Whitworth says: "I hope they like our version of blackout. I understand, and I get, like the want to be like, your imagination to be fulfilled, but this character is a little different than he was written in the comic books. And uh, but I think it's better."

It also ups the ante with more daredevil stunts.

Elba says: "Acting and maintaining, you know, the reality of the character while jumping over a cliff, is a different set of skills"

Watch ghost rider unleash his spirit of vengeance in 2-d or in 3-d action at a theater near you.

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