Hacker attacks Central High School teacher

Wednesday, January 4, 2012 - 12:06am

CENTRAL, LA (FOX44) -- A hacker has created a firestorm in Central; someone released three inappropriate photos of a teacher at Central High.

No one knows how the hacker got access to them, or what he was trying to accomplish, but the photos were sent to Central students, staff members, and other people the teacher knows.

The teacher has hired an attorney, who says his client would never release anything like this to a student, and has never had a that type of relationship with one.

We don't know if the teacher will return to the classroom, but what we do know is the leak has lots of people talking.

"I think it's really low of somebody,” stated student Chandler Clinkingbeard. “Whether it is her or it's not her, for somebody to do that in the first place seems wrong"

Both the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office and the FBI are working to find the person who got access to the pictures and spread them all over the Internet.

Experts say the scary part is anyone can be a victim of hacking, and info on your computer, and even your cell phone, could get into the wrong people's hands.

FOX44 has been told cell phones may be even easier to hack into, as thieves can go in through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals.

For all of you who use smart phones for banking, paying bills, and Facebooking, experts say a strong password is your best defense.

"There is software to go through profiles on Facebook and pull out info that might be a password and automatically try to get in,” stated Josh Henderson with Computer Heaven. “(It) takes less than 60 seconds to run and it can try hundreds of passwords."

Of course, the best advice experts have is if there's something you don't want to share with the world, don't store in on your computer or cell phone.


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