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Monday, May 14, 2012 - 9:33pm

LAS VEGAS, NV (FOX44) – "Hell's Kitchen" Chef Gordon Ramsay is getting ready for the tenth season of his hit FOX show. The fiery chef has also just opened his first restaurant on the Las Vegas strip.

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay returns to FOX next month for "Hell's Kitchen's" landmark tenth season. And like his food, Ramsay says the show needs to stay fresh.

Ramsay says: "I change it up. Every season we get more creative. We get tougher and they get more competitive."

That competitive spirit will be rewarded with a tasty prize; as head chef of Ramsay's new Vegas restaurant, “Gordon Ramsay Steak” inside the Paris Las Vegas Hotel.

Ramsay says: “I’m really excited. And this year's been amazing I mean goodness me it's now in 175-different countries and they go crazy for it. FOX runs a show, I run a restaurant."

The chef explains why "Gordon Ramsay Steak" is being called a modern steakhouse.

Ramsay says: "We haven't gone over the top with fine dining but what we have done is got some glamour in there. It's stunning, very beautiful. The decor is lovely, the food is amazing. The service is light, exciting, very sexy."

From sexy to surly, we've seen Ramsay boil over on TV but his new Las Vegas staff says there's a softer side to the celebrity chef.

Hee says: “There's two sides to him. He's a very intense person but at the same time he treats us all with a lot of respect.”
Q: “So there's a tender side to Chef Ramsay?”
Hee says: “I don't know if people need to know that!”

Despite Ramsay's angelic alter-ego some things that happen in the kitchen that are sure to cause a flare-up.

Ramsay says: “I’m gonna pickle your balls if you're sending an entree under seasoned, over seasoned or shortcutting just to get it out."

We just had to ask about one Gordon Ramsay melt-down catch phrase.

Q: “So where does donkey come from? How did that slip into your vocabulary so often?

Ramsay says: "By calling them a donkey it's like this slow mule that's just lethargic, grumpy, kicks you in the nuts from time to time and uh, it's not a nice name, donkey."

So get ready for a tasty new addition to our city's culinary scene thanks to one of the most colorful celebrity chefs to hit TV and our city.

Not only is Ramsay busy with "Hell's Kitchen" but his show "Master chef" returns this summer and his new series "Hotel Hell" is also set to premiere soon. Season ten of "Hell's Kitchen" premiers June 4th here on FOX.

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