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Monday, November 21, 2011 - 12:53pm

BATON ROUGE, LA (FOX44) - The Holiday season is one of the most popular times of the year to travel. With smartphones and iPads becoming our essential travel companion, NBC33 has researched some Apps that will help you navigate through this season with ease.

GasBuddy is one of the most popular Apps downloaded on the iPhone. The App is free and helps you locate gas stations near you along with the gas prices at each station. Also, if you enter prices for other customers to view, you can earn points towards prize give-away entries.

While traveling to your Holiday destination, Yelp can help you find places to eat, shop, drink, or relax. The free App also gives you customer reviews and photos.

If flying is more your taste, Kayak will help you find cheap flights, hotels, and rental cars. This App, which is also free, allows you to locate and make reservations on your smartphone along with read customer reviews.

Free WiFi Finder by iVanya helps you find spots around town in which free WiFi is available. The best part is, you don't have to be connected to the internet to find areas with free WiFi. The hotspots are automatically stored on your phone when you download the App.


Entertaining for the Holidays has never been easier, with the following assortment of smartphone Apps. From a music player to an invitation creator, NBC33 has some great entertaining ideas.

Pandora is a great App for entertaining. The free music App allows you to type in artists, music genre, or songs and then creates a playlist for your Holiday party. If you don't like a song on the playlist, simply skip it to move on to the next.

Planning on having a Christmas party? POST. allows its users to create custom invitations on their smartphone and use their contacts list to send the invites out. The App is $.99.

Christmas Carols features many popular carols to sing along with. The App, which is $.99 gives you the words to carols so you can sing along!

A Christmas Gift List App helps with keeping gift ideas organized. It allows you to create gift lists, budgets, and track of what you've already bought and what you still need to buy. The App is $.99.


Whether you prefer to cook at home for the Holidays, or go out to eat, Apps for smartphones have something for everyone. If you need restaurant ideas, cooking ideas, or drinking ideas, the following Apps offer great suggestions.

The Epicurious App has over 30,000 recipes to choose from this Holiday season. The Apps recipes come from Bon Appetite Magazine, Gourmet Magazine, and other popular cooking sources. The Application also allows you to create shopping lists and send them to friends and family members.

UrbanSpoon is a free App which uses GPS to help you find restaurants in your neighborhood. The App shows you menus, reviews, and pictures of the cuisine. If you can't decide where to eat, simply shake your smartphone and the App will select a place for you to eat.

How to Cook Everything is a great App for those whose like to cook from scratch. The App has recipes along with tutorials which shows you step by step how to create a dish. The Application is based on New York Times best seller, with the same name, written by Mark Bittman.

Groupon is a popular App which allows you to get deals at restaurants and other stores around town. Many of the deals allow you to get gift certificates to restaurants for $25 with a $50 value.

PairIt! is an App that helps you pair wine with food. Can't decide what to drink? Shake your phone and and a delicious drink recipe with pop up.


The Holidays are often peoples favorite time of the year, but shopping for the Holidays can also be one of the most stressful times of the year. NBC33 has put together a list of some smartphone Apps that can help reduce the stress.

RedLaser is a free App which allows its users to scan UPC's and find the price of the item and to also find the item in nearby stores. The app shows food allergens and nutrition facts in food products. This App is perfect for parents with video game enthusiasts for children. You can scan the game your interested in and get reviews for the game and related games as well.

ShopKick is an App that allows you to collect points for checking in at select retailers. Once you check in at Best Buy, Target, Macy's, or other stores your check-ins earn you points that you can redeem in the form of gift cards or other vouchers.

If you like coupons but hate carrying them around with you, CouponSherpa is the perfect App for you. You can type in the store your in and relevant coupons will pop up on your smart phone. The App is free to download.

Milo is a great App for those who hate fighting the crowds while shopping. The free App allows you to check local stores to see if the item you want is in stock. Some major retailers you can find on this App are Target, Walgreens, and GameStop.

We want to know about some of your favorite travel apps. Post your suggestion here, or on the FOX44 Facebook page.



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