I Dreamed a Dream

Friday, June 17, 2011 - 4:35pm

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) – Before blowing up after her first onstage appearance in the talent show "Britain’s Got Talent", Susan Boyle was a shy 48-year old woman who lived alone with her cat. According to the producer of Boyles' new musical, it’s a story that has all the qualities of a fairy tale. With the added bonus of being absolutely true. It'll be named "I Dreamed a Dream" after the first song she sang and will tour through Britain, the U.S. and Australia starting next spring.

– People aren't getting over the fact Arnold Schwarzenegger had a love child. A new field poll released today shows 75-percent of voters have an unfavorable opinion of the former governor. He's particularly unpopular in his hometown where only 10-percent of the people polled still like him. The actor admitted last month he's the father of a 13-year-old boy with Mildred Baena, his former housekeeper.

– Angelina Jolie, the U.N.’s goodwill ambassador is overseas today. She's on the Turkish border meeting with Syrian refugees who are trying to escape a whole lot of violence. Fourteen hundred people have been killed in Syria in anti-government uprisings.

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