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Thursday, May 12, 2011 - 5:39pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Italy, red hot flames shooting into the air as Sicily’s Mount Etna erupts, the first time since 1912. The volcanic explosion is sending lava spewing down the side of the mountain. All the ash has forced an airport to close.

China – Transportation has been disrupted here as well, thanks to a sandstorm. The cloud of yellow dust is definitely a health hazard. People are being told to stay indoors or to put on masks if they do go out. Some rain is in the forecast and that should help clear some of the mess.

Libya – Supposedly Khaddafy's first public appearance today, since April 30, when a Nato air strikes on a house in the capital that killed his youngest son and three of his grandchildren. The government says five cruise missiles struck the compound.

United States – A bus filled with students headed to the National Zoo in D.C. overturns in Maryland. Emergency crews say 16-people; mostly kids were rushed to the hospital. The bus driver says a car cut him off, before running off the road into a ditch, and toppling telephone poles.

Chile – A ten year old boy was found hidden in the bottom of a truck. The stowaway from Bolivia was hoping it would take him to his mother in prison. But it was headed in the other direction. He ended up 620-miles away from home. The story hit the news and turns out that he risked his life for a mom who wasn't even in jail anymore.

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