The Jambalaya Festival Association is giving much needed relief to Joplin

Friday, June 10, 2011 - 4:55pm

JOPLIN, Mo (FOX44) - Cooks with the Jambalaya Festival Association are heading up to Joplin, Missouri to provide the residents up there with some much needed relief.
Past and present Jambalaya champions are donating their time, money, and skills to give the folks in Joplin with some much needed relief.

A group of five cooks have already taken time off work to make the trip, but local businesses helped out, like Lamendola's Grocery provided food, and Hebert Steel provided a brand new hauling trailer.

Rhett Bourgeois is the spokesman for the Jampalaya Festival Association, he says they're ready to get underway, but every little bit always helps.



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