Japan, France, Chile, Botswana, Germany

Friday, June 24, 2011 - 5:48pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Japan, heavy rain in one resort town in the Japanese Alps triggers a mudslide which blocked the only tunnel and road out. Emergency workers are on the scene about a hundred miles west of Tokyo. Besides clearing the debris, they have to make sure there's no danger of another slide.

France – People flocking to the mountains because they fear the end of the world is near. Doomsday believers think a cave in a mountain peak near the village is the only place that can survive judgment day next year. People in the town of Bugarach, which has a population of 194, are mystified why some new agers believe there's an alien spaceship inside a rocky outcrop near the town. One paranormal expert says the belief is that aliens have been living in the mountain for years and will emerge and save everyone.

Chile – A woman is making the most of the messy situation here. She's mixing the ash from the erupting volcano with sand and sediment to make bricks. If her idea works she plans on producing enough to build homes for the needy.

Botswana – This is the last stop for First Lady Michelle Obama on her Africa trip. Today she visited a children's clinic where she painted with kids that have HIV. After that she attended a women's leadership luncheon. This is the First Lady's second solo trip abroad since her husband became president. She will head back to the States Sunday.

Germany – Paula the octopus is predicting the Women's World Cup Games. She's the successor of the famous Paul who accurately picked the winners of the men's tourney in South Africa. However she picked Canada to take out the home team Sunday. Several other aquariums in the country are putting other sea creatures to the test.

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